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– manage the state license application process (money transmitter license)

– prepare and execute applications for state Money Transmitter licenses (incl. company materials, statements, reports etc.)

– create and update master schedules for licensing renewals, maintenance, deadlines, filings, audits

– conduction and participating in internal and external audits related to licensing / compliance

– cooperate and coordinate with compliance, finance and accounting to gather critical data and information

– incorporate and manage (state) entities (incl. Tax, revenue and business license filings, updating Financial reports etc.)

– work and communicate with state and federal departments, external service providers, consultants, CPAs and surety bond companies




– Bachelor or Master’s degree in the field of compliance, financial crime, law, business administration or related fields required

– Familiar with KYC and Compliance requirements for financial institutions in the U.S. (E.U. and Asia a plus)

– Preferably experienced in the field of Money Service businesses and/or financial technology services

– detail oriented and organized a must

– able to meet strict deadlines

– process oriented and fast learner

– able to navigate in fast paced and international business environment

– strong communication skills in person and in writing

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