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Streamroot offers a state-of-the-art peer-accelerated streaming solution to cut bandwidth costs, improve quality of service and better manage traffic spikes. Combining unicast delivery and P2P protocols, Streamroot offloads demand from servers by connecting viewers watching streams simultaneously. By decentralizing exchanges and providing content via multiple sources, it improves distribution architecture and helps broadcasters overcome one of the biggest challenges facing the web today: the explosion of video traffic. It also helps platforms scale to growing audiences. Whereas servers are weighed down by traffic peaks, a peer-to-peer system only becomes more efficient: the more peers there are to share content, the more content they can share. Platforms can use traffic spikes to their advantage, save money and offer a better quality of service for the end user. Streamroot is plugin-free for viewers and integrates seamlessly into broadcasters' workflows. It is available for both live streams and video on-demand platforms, and is compatible with a variety of media servers, video players and streaming formats. Released in summer 2015, the Streamroot peer-to-peer portal is broadcasters’ one-stop shop for peer-accelerated streaming along with useful traffic analytics and quality of service metrics. POWERFUL CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR SEAMLESS STREAMING Present in Paris and New York, Streamroot was founded in France in 2013 by three engineers from Ecole Centrale Paris, and participated in the Le Camping and Techstars accelerator programs (two of the best in the tech world). For more information, visit www.streamroot.io or drop us a line at contact@streamroot.io.SpecialtiesWebRTC, Peer-to-peer streaming, Video streaming, Video delivery, P2P video player, OTT streaming, Streaming optimization, Video-on-demand streaming, Live streams
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