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DataCamp is the first online learning platform that focuses on building the best learning experience specifically for Data Science. We have offices in Boston and Belgium and to date, we trained over 250,000 (aspiring) data scientists in over 150 countries. These data science enthusiasts completed more than 9 million exercises. You can take free beginner courses, or subscribe for $25/month to get access to all premium courses.We have partnerships with both companies (Microsoft, IBM, Kaggle, Pluralsight and RStudio) and professors from best-in-class academic institutions (Princeton, Duke and University of Washington). Around 70% of our users are professionals, typically working in technology, finance and health care. DataCamp is a young team of data analytics enthusiasts that provide interactive 'and fun' data science education and training to professionals and students around the world. We strongly believe in learning by doing. From the moment you log on, you start coding yourself.Start creating your own courses fast and easy for free! DataCamp provides teachers and trainers with user-friendly tools to build and host your interactive data analytical courses online.DataCamp allows organizations to build your own private corporate data analytics learning platform and provide you with the content your organization needs most. Additionally, DataCampoffers specialized recruitment services to hire and test tomorrow's data experts.
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