We are a big team of cyber security specialists from Russia ("russian hackers", if you prefer =) We have a lot of experience in working in banks as Red Teamers (the guys, who hack systems and report about vulnerabilities, doing that very quite, like mouses, so monitoring and other people, who are responsible for security, could not detect us). Beside banks, we have experience in penetration testing crypto-companies and other IT services. Every free minute in our life we dedicate to improving our skills, going for various certifications (ex.:each of us has OSCP). So, cyber security is not only our work, it is our lifestyle ;-) The idea of our company at this moment - to provide penetration testing services. A lot of times we've seen many reports from such companies, and we don't like it at all. We are confident that we can provide much better quality of services. Penetration testing - is our start point. In future, we have a lot of ideas to implement. Hurry up to join us now, this is an interesting and profitable project =)
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